Meet the Backbone staff

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James Hoyt | Executive Director

James Hoyt became the Executive Director for Opportunities for Youth in December 2017. He is a nonprofit business executive with decades of proven success in providing high-quality strategic performance and enterprise-wide leadership at both national and international levels. James received his B.A. in Communications at Niles College of  Loyola University of Chicago and his M.A. in Community Service and Administration from Regis University in Denver. | (602) 534-8393

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Damonte Johnson | Americorps Member: Outreach Coordinator

Damonte Johnson joined Opportunities for Youth in March of 2018 through Public Allies Arizona. Formerly an opportunity youth himself, he aims to connect opportunity youth to necessary resources and a pathway best suited for their success.  Damonte also plans on enrolling at Arizona State University’s Nonprofit Leadership and Management program with a focus on community resources and development. | 314-598-5471


Kristin Ferguson-Colvin | Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Human Capital and Youth Development

Kristin Ferguson-Colvin served as the Interim Executive Director of Opportunities for Youth from August to December 2017. She is an Associate Professor in the ASU School of Social Work, where she teaches classes in social policy, practice-oriented research, macro practice, and community participation strategies. In 2018, she started and oversees the Center for Human Capital and Youth Development (CHCYD;, which is a space for faculty, students, community partners, youth and policymakers to work together on research, practice and policy initiatives for youth to enhance their educational, employment and leadership opportunities. She continues to support Opportunities for Youth –an initiative of CHCYD—through grant writing, capacity building, and research and evaluation.  | (602) 496-0088


Felix Moran | Maricopa County Community Action Team Coordinator

Felix Moran joined Opportunities for Youth on April 2, 2018. Formerly an opportunity youth himself, he aims to empower youth to find their voice, encouraging them to speak to their local/state political officials. He loves advocacy and being involved in the community.  Felix plans to further his education and attend Arizona State University for political science. He would like to make Arizona a better place for all its residents.


Kendelle Brown | Americorps Member: Administrative Coordinator

Kendelle Brown joined Opportunities for Youth in September of 2017 through Public Allies Arizona. Kendelle is in her second year as a Program Evaluation, M.S. student at the College of Public Service & Community Solutions (Arizona State University). Kendelle hopes to expand youth outreach for Opportunities for Youth through data collection and research. | (602) 262-4430


Judy Mwanzo | Americorps Member: Communications Coordinator Intern

Judy Mwanzo joined Opportunities for Youth in September of 2017 through Public Allies Arizona. Currently a senior at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication (Arizona State University), Judy strives to increase brand perception of Opportunities for Youth in the community through strategic communications and marketing. | (602) 534-7357


James Davis | Americorps Member: Outreach Intern

James Davis joined Opportunities for Youth in March of 2018 through Public Allies Arizona.  James is currently a student at Phoenix College for Technical Theater. He hopes to support youth to channel their creativity and interpersonal skills to improve their lives and develop themselves as leaders within the community.


Kumo Wakunguma | Americorps Member: Outreach Intern

Kumo Wakunguma joined OFY in March of 2018 through Public Allies Arizona. Kumo is obtaining an Associates in Arts Degree at Phoenix College, with the intention of a career in Public Relations and Public Speaking. She believes in diversity and inclusion, as well as empowering youth to break social norms and ideologies.


Carter Wang | Data Analyst

Chuyuan (Carter) Wang joined Opportunities for Youth in March 2018. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University. Chuyuan's work involves census data analysis, digital mapping, and spatial statistics. | (785) 323-7323

Our Office

The Opportunities for Youth office is located on the 19th floor of Phoenix City Hall in Downtown Phoenix. Meetings are typically held at Arizona State University in the UCENT building, where the College of Public Service and Community Solutions is housed. 


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