Educational Momentum Asset Map

Highlighting Our Educational Partners by Location and Service

Our Educational Partners across the valley have dedicated themselves to the Opportunities for Youth Initiative with the goal to reconnect opportunity youth annually back into the appropriate educational program. To ensure that our partners and the community at large are aware of what our Educational Partners offer, the team has developed an Educational Momentum Asset Map Survey.

The asset map outlines:

  • Services offered

  • Eligibility criteria

  • Required documents

  • Institution locations

  • Cost of services

  • Times and days of programs

  • And a contact person for each of our Educational Partners

One of the benefits of being on this action team is that your organization or institution will be presented on this map and all of our partners will be able to reach out to you should their youth need assistance.  At this time, 25 of our partners have completed the survey and the map is available on our Educational Momentum Action Team webpage on our website:

It is important for our partners to continue to develop this asset map because it allows us to assess and mobilize what our educational community offers. This will allow for our partners to build relationships amongst themselves and allow for gaps in services to be filled. The asset map will guarantee that our youth will have access to programs and services they may need.

To learn more about the Educational Momentum Referral System or our Asset Maps – please reach out to Kendelle Brown, OFY Program Coordinator, at or 602-262-4430!