Opportunities for Youth Partners with one∙n∙ten to Bring Support to LGBTQ Youth in Phoenix Area

Utilizing Boots on the Ground Efforts to Reengage At-Risk LGBTQ Youth by Connecting Them with Opportunities for Empowerment

PHOENIX, AZ (June 26, 2018) – Opportunities for Youth is proud to announce a new partnership with Arizona-based nonprofit, one∙n∙ten. Both organizations share a mission to support at-risk youth in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The goal of this collaboration is to better serve the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth within the community, providing them with resources and opportunities for success in the pursuit of education and employment.

Founded in 1993, one∙n∙ten is a local reengagement center serving the LGBTQ youth population, providing them with the tools and resources to build confidence and self-sufficiency through social, mental and physical support. The organization offers a comprehensive set of programs and services, ranging from wellness workshops and housing programs, to social support centers, and employment and educational guidance.

“We are proud to be partnering with such an inclusive organization, and to be able to better support the diverse youth of our community,” said James Hoyt, Executive Director of Opportunities for Youth. “one∙n∙ten prides itself on empowerment through self-acceptance. We think this is something that everyone can benefit from and we look forward to learning how we can better implement this idea across all our programs.”

one∙n∙ten’s name stems from a statement by researcher Alfred Kinsey in the 1940’s, that approximately 10% (1in10) of the population identifies as gay. Although only ~10% of the population identifies as LGBTQ, it is estimated that 40% of homeless youths across the nation are LGBTQ, confirming the need for support in this community.

“We are so excited to be stepping into this collaborative effort with Opportunities for Youth,” said Nate Rhoton, Executive Director of one∙n∙ten. “They are becoming a very important part of the reengagement work going on, here in Arizona, and we look forward to working together to better serve the youth of our community.

Opportunities for Youth currently works with 13 other organizations to connect at-risk youth with resources and support at over 40 reengagement centers across the valley. This collaboration will help to grow the resources offered to better serve the diverse needs of youth within the community, and ensure that they have access to the support needed to achieve success in their personal, educational and professional goals. To learn more about Opportunities for Youth, please visit: www.oppsforyouth.org.

About one∙n∙ten

one∙n∙ten is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving and assisting LGBTQ youth. They provide youth aged 14 to 24 with tools to improve self-esteem by providing access to social programs that promote self‐acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices. one∙n∙ten provides a comprehensive set of programs and services, including supportive youth centers, housing programs, employment programs, Q High, athletics, arts and music, and partnerships with national LGBTQ organizations. one∙n∙ten is building a world where all LGBTQ youth and young adults are embraced for who they are, actively engage in their communities and are empowered to lead.

About Opportunities for Youth

Opportunities for Youth is a nonprofit organization working to develop strategies and solutions to reengage the estimated 75,000 Maricopa County youth ages 16-24 who are neither in school nor working. Creating Partnerships and collaboration with a variety of Arizona agencies and organizations, they are working to grow public support to help reengage these youth, build a system that ensures success in supporting organizations, and develop collaborations that align in a common practice which enhances effectiveness and minimizes duplication amongst partner organizations, better serving at-risk youth within the community.


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Opportunities for Youth
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