Arizona Center for Youth Resources

Since 1976 ACYR has focused on developing our greatest natural resources…youth. Over the years they have grown and evolved into offering academic, vocational, and employment programs that help individuals discover their potential. ACYR helps build pathways to success through education, skill building and employment. 

Committed to developing the next generation of workers, ACYR offers an array of high quality programs and incorporates three priorities in our service delivery.  First, a caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff.  Second, a menu of options designed to ensure success – continuing education choices, work-based learning, leadership development, linkages to employers, and on-going, sustained support.  Third, ACYR uses research-based youth development principles and practices to impart meaning and relevance in all programming. 

Services They Provide:

Educational Resources

  • High School Diploma/GED


Educational Resources

City View High School
A fully accredited charter high school that provides education opportunities for youth who have completed 8th grade through their 22 birthday. Our smaller class sizes and flexible schedules provide an environment that allows all learners the opportunity to be successful. We offer a full selection of required high school courses, with specific focus on skills that will help youth to be successful in work and post-secondary education.

Center for Educational Options
ACYR Adult Education programs support students who dropped out of high school in earning a GED. Programs also offer academic skill improvement instruction for those already holding a high school degree or equivalent to enhance employability and post-secondary education or training completion.

ACYR provides Adult Basic Education and GED preparation classes to learners 16 through 22 years of age within the context of College and Career Readiness. Students have access to quality educational opportunities that will support employment, job training and higher education aspirations.

Additionally, ACYR offers a Distance Learning program for learners age 16 and above with no upper limit. Students are overseen by an instructor who provides individualized lessons and tutoring as needed. This allows students to work from home at their own paces and schedules.

Employment Assistance

Center for Workforce Development
The Center for Workforce Development’s primary focus is to help create a highly qualified and well-educated emerging workforce. ACYR provides workforce development services to youth who are economically disadvantaged and demonstrate one or more significant barriers to employment and/or higher education, with a special component that provides services to youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

Personal Development

Center for Youth Engagement 
Connects youth with necessary resources to assist them with developing essential skills and resiliency and help them navigate a return to education and/or to gain employment.