Phoenix Indian Center

For seventy years, the Phoenix Indian Center has enriched the lives of American Indian people through the long-standing services we provide and through our several relationships. We are the first urban Indian Center in the Nation of its kind. As one of the early American Indian non-profits, we are a leader in doing this work and continue to be the connection to American Indian communities across the Nation, serving as a home-away from home for our urban American Indian community. We do this by continuing and growing our founding services by offering exemplary employment, educational, cultural enrichment and community engagement services. We are committed to partnering with organizations to maximize the opportunities for the people we serve.

Services They Provide:

Educational Resources

  • High School Diploma/GED

  • College Preparation

Employment Assistance

  • Job Training Services



Job Preparedness

The Job Preparedness program will provide you with tools, resources, information and training to help you successfully obtain a job. Our staff will help you assess your specific skills, experience, knowledge and abilities to help strengthen your resume and prepare you for job interviews.

Job Readiness Workshops
Job Preparedness Workshops are designed to address specific topics related to successful job searching and are updated regularly according to current hiring practices in the valley. These workshops are open to the public.

Individual Career Coaching & Counseling
Meet one-on-one with a workforce specialist to create an individual employment plan and receive mentoring and coaching in your job search.

Employer Speaker Presentations
Employer Speaker Presentations and job fairs are scheduled throughout the year. Recruiters, hiring managers, employers and labor force experts present information centered on current, ongoing and future job openings in a variety of industries.

Educational Speaker Presentations
Guest speakers present information pertaining to job searching; financial assistance; scholarships; how to research potential colleges / training programs and general information about post-secondary schooling and training options. These events are open to the public.

Career Interest Assessment
Not sure what type of job/career you want? Access a free career interest assessment to establish your career goals. Once completed visit the U.S. Department of Labor website’s Occupational Outlook Handbook to learn about occupations and industries that match your interests.

Post-Secondary Education Incentive
The goal of the Post-Secondary Education Incentive is to provide assistance to eligible Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students in the Phoenix metropolitan area who are approaching graduation and who will be pursing employment immediately after graduation.

Job Fairs
We host or co-host large job fairs as well as individualized employer recruitment events throughout the year. These events are open to the public.

Supportive Services
We provide other supportive services to assist you during your job search and first month of employment.

Computer Lab
Our computer lab is open to the public for job search, school research/work or submitting applications for general assistance.

Youth Programming

The health and well-being of our American Indian youth is of vital importance. Our youth programming, for youth of all ages, focuses on helping them learn the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to live a successful life. Utilizing culture as the core of their identity and strength, we focus our trainings on cultural identity; personal development; prevention services; college readiness and career readiness. Our staff is both mentors and coaches to the youth and are committed their success.

Future Inspired Native American Leaders program
This year-round, open enrollment program is designed for high school age students to help prepare them for success in post-secondary education, the workforce and their personal lives. The program is centered around college, career, culture, and prevention. Components include college and career exploration, visits to local employers, college tours, guest speakers, and leadership training. An exciting two-week summer camp is offered in June.

Scholarships and Grants
In addition to the scholarships listed on our Resources page, the Phoenix Indian Center is proud to continue the Freeport-McMoRan Scholarship Program. These scholarships are funded by the Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation and administered by the Phoenix Indian Center. There are two Scholarships available under this program; the Native American Scholarship and the Cyprus Tohono Corporation Scholarship. We also assist with FAFSA applications and scholarship essays.

Mentorship Program
Mentors are an important, additional partner to have in a youth’s life as they make their journey into adulthood. Mentors help empower youth to make good decisions in their academic, personal and future career. Mentors help provide youth with a clear vision of what their future could look like while sharing and enjoying common interests and hobbies. Research has shown that mentors improve a youths’ behavioral, social, emotional and academic outcomes.

Prevention Services

We know that in order to be successful in one’s personal, educational and professional life, we need to make good decisions and have a good network of support. We offer several programs to help support our urban American Indian families to increase communication, build community and to prevent risky behaviors and promote healthy choices.

Parenting in two Worlds is designed for parents and guardians of American Indian children to learn new ways to communicate with their youth. Other topics include:

  • building parenting communities;

  • traditions, values and norms;

  • knowing your child’s world;

  • giving and receiving support;

  • guiding behaviors; and

  • talking to teens about risky behaviors.

Cultural Enrichment

Our culture and traditions contribute to our resiliency and life success. We believe in the importance of ensuring the revitalization of our Native languages, and that our culture and traditions continue to pass on to the next generations. We have several Native language experts on staff and we contract with others to provide classes, workshops and events to the community. We have experts in cultural awareness to provide workshops and training for groups and organizations looking to embrace cultural diversity.

Diné Language Classes

Story Telling
Each season the Phoenix Indian Center offers special culturally based storytelling events using experts to share cultural teachings.

Gathering of Native Americans (GONA)

Navigation Services

Our Navigator assists individuals with emergency needs by assessing the needs, determining resolutions and navigating the individual to the appropriate resources, either within our organization or within the community.