Communities Share Strategies to Support Opportunity Youth

Shaping the Narrative: Community Stories of Effective Practice and Impact Across the OYF Network, lifts up the stories from Opportunity Youth Forum (OYF) communities working on the ground to improve policies and programs to support opportunity youth, who are 16- to 24-year-olds out of work and school. The OYF began as a group of 21 community collaboratives and has grown to a network of more than two-dozen urban, rural, and tribal communities. Roughly one-quarter (about 1.2 million) of all opportunity youth in the United States reside in or near OYF communities.

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Message from the Executive Director

Educational Momentum Update

Dear Colleagues,

As the executive director of Opportunities for Youth, I wanted to update you on a number of milestones we have attained. Many of you attended our Educational Momentum Breakfast the end of November where we spent time discussing and prioritizing the challenges you are facing today as educators. The top three challenges that surfaced were Services, Engagement and Sustainability.

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Referral Synopsis

Referring a Youth to OFY Partner Services

The Educational Momentum Referral System came about because our Educational Partners realized that in order to truly assist their youth break down the barriers they may have and keep them in school, they needed to give them an opportunity to receive services that their educational institutions couldn’t provide. To bridge this gap, we created a referral system that would allow our Educational Partners to refer to our Reengagement Center Partners. One of the benefits to being a part of this action team, is that our Educational Partners are able to access a password protected Google Form on the Educational Momentum Action Team webpage on our website.

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Educational Momentum Asset Map

Highlighting Our Educational Momentum Partners

Our Educational Partners across the valley have dedicated themselves to the Opportunities for Youth Initiative with the goal to reconnect opportunity youth annually back into the appropriate educational program. To ensure that our partners and the community at large are aware of what our Educational Partners offer, the team has developed an Educational Momentum Asset Map Survey.

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